GN63 cream vinyl stretch gloves


These gloves can provide hygienic protection in medical environments or when handling food.

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These gloves can provide hygienic protection in medical environments or when handling food. They not only meet the EN 420 standard to be classified as Protective Gloves but are also certified for use in medical settings where non-sterile hand protection is required and are safe for contact with food (except fatty foods).

Performance Ratings
CE Category: Class I (non-sterile medical device)
Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC (and subsequent amendments)
EN 455 (Standard for Medical Gloves)
EN 455-1 (Freedom from Holes)
EN 455-2 (Physical Properties)
EN 455-3 (Biological Evaluation)
EN 455-4 (Shelf Life Determination)
Food approval EC1935/2004 (except fatty foods)
Key Features and Benefits
Stretchy disposable vinyl gloves
Provides hygienic protection in low risk environments
Approved for medical use (non-sterile)
Certified for safe contact with food (except fatty foods)
Offer a higher level of dexterity than other vinyl gloves
Ambidextrous design for versatility of use
Latex-free for lowered allergy and sensitivity risk
Powder-free to reduce potential dust contamination
Shelf life of three years
Typical force at break of 3.6 Newtons
Who Can Use the Hand Safe GN63 Stretch Vinyl Powder-Free Disposable Gloves?
Offering protection from a range or low level risks, these gloves can be used in many different industries. Not only can they be used by doctors, veterinarians and dentists, they also perform well in food retail and domestic applications like cleaning or DIY. Therefore, they can easily be used as:

Medical gloves
Dentist gloves
Veterinary gloves
Food handling gloves
Food preparation gloves
Food retailing gloves
Tattoo gloves
DIY gloves
Airport security gloves
Latex-Free for Reduced Allergy Risk
As the Hand Safe GN63 Vinyl Gloves are latex free, they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction than latex-based examination gloves. This makes them ideal for users with a latex allergy or sensitive skin.


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